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Addendum to tidy later

As of Zogi Notes 0.2b, special syntax can be used in notes to do extra things easier than writing HTML.

{version}: Display the current version.
{n}: Display a checkbox (remembers state if changed without needing to edit the note).
{y}: Display a checked checkbox (ditto).
{url}: Link to a URL.
{url TEXT}: Link to a URL, display the text.
{img url}: Display a specified image (must begin with img in lower case)
{img url W}: As above, but resize the image to the specified width, and autoadjust the height.
{img url WxH}: As above, but resize the image to the specified dimensions (the x is required).
{{ or }}: Display { or }, overriding other commands for enclosed text.

What Can I Do With It?

It's up to you.

It could just be somewhere to store ideas as you think about them - a virtual pin board.

You could manage todo lists with the {check} syntax.

Maybe use it manage links and collate things together in a manner that is more visual than most tools.

With its support for wiki-style linking between pages it could be used as a wiki...


Notes save in real time, ish. There's a 2 second delay after you stop typing before a note saves. Or you can click Done when editing a note to save immediately.

If you choose one of the Organise options on a page with a lot of notes, it may take a few seconds for the saving behind the scenes to finish.

If someone else edits a page that you're editing, you'll either get a warning at the top to tell you to reload, or the page will update on the fly.

You can do more with pages, notes and personal options if you create an account and log in.

Pages can only be locked by their creator, which means you have to have an account. Log in before you create a page - pages created by an anonymous user cannot be locked.

You can put HTML into notes. At the moment this is relatively unrestricted, but may be locked down if anything abusive starts to appear in notes.

You can link to other notes by writing their name in square brackets, like so: sandpit.
Zogi Webnotes

Getting Started: Pages

To create (or view) a page of notes, just enter the name at the top and click Go.

Some pages may be locked. They need a password to edit, and perhaps to view. This page is a locked page.

Pages containing no notes may be deleted if not modified for 12 hours. Other than that, I have no plans to delete anything unless its illegal, publicly offensive or similar.

Getting Started: Notes

To create a note on a page, double click anywhere in blank space.

Double click on a note to edit it's content.

Hover over a note and the mouse pointer should change to a 'move' icon. You can then click and drag the note. If a note contains a lot of text, you may have to grab it by an edge.

Click and drag the bottom right corner of a note to resize it.


Welcome to Zogi Webnotes. This tool is provided for taking notes that can be accessed from anywhere that you can find an internet connection.

It's inspired by Webnote, an online tool that does almost exactly the same thing. However, I never managed to get that running on my own server due to it needing some geeky dependancies. Further, there were a couple of features (like more colours of note) that I wanted to add, but couldn't.

Therefore, I started from scratch and Zogi Webnotes was born.

Version 0.2.1b.
Play in the sandpit or open a page: